About Us

STEP UP Systems Group was founded in 2007 by Lawrence Schmit, Kenneth Goldstein and Mark Smithson, all recognized SAP experts with extensive experience.

Lawrence Schmit
Founder and Partner
Lawrence has been working with SAP software since 1993. His expertise includes EDI and IDoc interfaces, training delivery and development and complex application systems analysis and design. Previously, Lawrence was a senior developer at Deloitte Consulting and a senior manager of development at Covansys. He holds a BA in Marketing from Saint Joseph’s College.

Kenneth Goldstein
Founder and Partner
Ken has been working with SAP software since 1995. His primary areas of focus include design and development of online transactions, enhancement of SAP modules via the systematic application of custom business rules and SAP BI. He is also the lead designer and developer of Gold Client software, an industry leading ABAP software solution for SAP data transfer. Prior to his IT career, Ken was a CPA and financial consultant. He holds both a BBA and a MAcc degree from the University of Michigan.

Mark Smithson
Founder and Partner
Mark has been working with SAP software since 1995. With deep experience in SAP form tools, he has served on SAP’s Smart Forms Expert Panel since 2001. Mark has been a featured blogger on the SAP Developer Network site and an “Ask the Expert” columnist for SearchSAP.com since 2003. He has delivered presentations and workshops at ASUG events, SAP-led conferences and customer sites; his presentation partners have included SAP Labs, Adobe Systems and Lexmark International. Mark holds both a BA and a law degree from the University of Michigan.

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